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Animated Travel Graphic Pack

Animated Travel Graphic Pack

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Discover a whole new world with ccTRAVEL, an exciting travel-themed pack bursting with 100 new elements. From maps to lower thirds, and overlays to icons, ccTRAVEL will take your projects on a brand new journey.

You can now add maps, titles, lower thirds, overlays and elements to create engaging travel-themed projects for your social channels or business. Let’s make your audience feel like they’re on vacation with you!

What’s included?

- 8 Editable Place Holders

- 4 Customisable Maps

- 30 Animated Icons

- 10 Animated Titles

- 4 Intro Templates

- 8 Overlay Comps

- 20 Lower Thirds

- 10 Typography

- 5 Essentials

Recommended Font: Coolvetica

Additional Information for Final Cut Pro:

- Minimum requirement: Final Cut Pro X Ver 10.6.5 - No trial

- Compatible with Apple M1

Additional Information for Premiere Pro:

- Minimum requirement: Premiere Pro Ver 23.1

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