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New Graphics

Effortlessly customize graphics – visualize any fitness content in just a few clicks, manage graphic duration, colors, and element placement. Combine graphics with other templates for top-notch results.


    Keep viewers watching your videos for longer. CCreation's Video Editor App enables you to create visually captivating content, whilst educating your audience through enhanced workout information.


    Create fitness content that makes you stand out in the crowded social media space. From fully customisable Gym Graphics, to intuitive editing tools, we've got all of your content needs covered.


    Say goodbye to the days of complicated editing. Now, elite grade content is just a few taps away on your phone. The video editor app is catered to everyone - experience or no experience.

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What To Expect

The CCreation Video Editor App has had a major facelift, with tonnes of new graphics and enhanced customisation parameters to level up your content.

Thanks to your highly valued feedback, we have been able to create a more refined and intuitive experience for content creation - and we think you'll love it!

What's New?

  1. Improved UI/UX Design
  2. Upper and Lower Body Graphics for 3 Categories
  3. Enhanced Customisation Controls (Outline Thickness, Opacity & More)
  4. Free Colour Palette Generator
  5. or Upload Your Own Custom Colour Palettes
  6. More Stickers & Overlays
  7. Higher Resolution Export
  8. Discovery Page for Additional Tools & Resources
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Free Colour Theme

Get a head start by downloading CCreation's free colour palette packs. Or will you get creative and generate your own theme using our free colour palette generator?


Using the CCreation Video Editor App, you can enhance your visuals with the editing essentials needed for precision design.

Including timeline, trim and crop to the right duration and composition, as well as, overlay audio tracks.

  1. Text design
  2. Trim
  3. Element Snapping
  4. Colour Adjustments
  5. Asset Library
  6. Tutorials Included
  7. Fully Customizable
  8. Quick preview and add in one click
  9. Fast Rendering
  10. Viewer + Assets inside

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More Stickers

Save editing time with our sticker overlays, form numbers, dates, qoutes, exercises, story frames, shadows and gradients.