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Achieve animated perfection with ccKINETIC 2.0 FRAMES. This universal, multipurpose pack of motion graphics provides an easy way to enliven typography sequences without sacrificing quality. Upgrade your visuals today with these dynamic and captivating frames.


What’s in this version of the pack?

- 10 Animated Landscape Frames 

- 10 Animated Portrait Frames 

- 10 Animated 4/5 Frames 

Additional Information for Final Cut Pro:

- Minimum requirement: Final Cut Pro X Ver 10.6.5 - No trial

- Compatible with Apple M1

- File Size: 151,5 MB

Additional Information for Premiere Pro:

- Minimum requirement: Premiere Pro Ver 23.1

- File Size: 403,8 MB

Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro

Commercial Rate

Commercial Rate


cc kinetic 2.0