CCreation’s Video Editor App 3.0 is Now Officially LIVE

At CCreation, we know how important it is to create content that makes you stand out from the crowd - especially for those in the fitness and lifestyle space. Which make us SO excited to announce the launch of our new Video Editor App - with a 3-day free trial.

Our Video Editor App has been designed to cater to those of ALL levels. With no editing experience, you can now produce high-quality, engaging content directly form your phone. 

New and Improved Graphics 

The latest update brings a host of new features, starting with advanced graphic customisation. Fitness creators can now visualise any workout with ease, adjusting graphics, colours, and placements effortlessly. That’s not all…we also have a whole new range of elements and stickers, suited to those who are simply looking to share their lifestyle through engaging content.

Whether you’re creating social media reels, stories, or guides, these enhancements are designed to make your content standout, ensuring it captures and holds the attention of your audience.


CCreation Video Editor App, Graphics Text Stickers


Increase Video Retention 

Our Video Editor App isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s here to help you get discovered, boost viewer retention, and social media engagement. With tools that allow you to educate and inform through workout information, overlays, and more, your videos are more likely to keep viewers engaged from start to finish.

Stand Out on Social Media 

In a crowded social media landscape, making your content noticeable is more important than ever. From fully customisable graphics to intuitive editing tools, our team at CCreation have equipped this app with everything you need to create distinctive and memorable content that sets you apart.

User-Friendly for ALL Skill Levels

Say goodbye to the complexities of a video editing software. With the CCreation Video Editor App, producing top-tier content is just a few taps away. The app caters to all skill levels, ensuring that anyone can create professional-looking videos without prior experience.

Intuitive Editing Tools at Your Fingertips 

The app is packed with essential editing tools including text design, video cutting and trimming, colour adjustments, and a comprehensive asset library. With features like this, your editing workflow will be more efficient than ever.

CCreation Video Editor App, Graphics Text Stickers


What’s New in Version 3.0?

  1. Improved UI/UX Design: Enjoy a smoother, more intuitive editing experience.
  2. Graphics for Upper and Lower Body: Tailor your content with specific details.
  3. Enhanced Customisation Controls: Fine-tune your projects with improved outline thickness, opacity, and more.
  4. Free and Custom Colour Palettes: Use the free colour palette generator or upload your own to maintain brand consistency.
  5. Expanded Sticker and Overlay Options: Incorporate stickers like dates, quotes, and exercise tips more seamlessly into your projects.
  6. High-Resolution Export Options: Ensure your final product is crisp and clear.
  7. Discovery Page: Get inspired by top content creators and access additional tools and resources. 

Get Inspired and Stay Supported

Explore our discovery page for inspiration from top fitness content creators and take advantage of free updates and 24/7 support to keep your editing process smooth and continuous.

With the launch of the CCreation Video Editor App 3.0, we are excited to see how creators like you will transform the fitness content landscape.

Download from the App Store Today.

Stay Creating, 

The CCreation Team 🚀



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