Introducing Gravity SFX, a new sound library from CCreation. As with all of our products we went to great lengths to source, capture, and curate this library to include only the best and most useful effects. Gravity SFX contains 300 + sounds that are ready to add realism, tension, and excitement to your next project.
- It includes 375 original sound effects across 5 useful categories.
- The clips are great individually but are made for mixing and matching.
-It offers iconic sound effects for your weighty powerful projects.
Gravity SFX is a library of professional sound effects that are specifically designed to help you create cinematic audio for your next edit and film project. It comes with 300 + original clips, a detailed guide on how to use them effectively. You can also mix and match these clips together to create even more powerful combinations!
We designed the Gravity Pack for:
1. People who want to add sound effects to their videos.
2. People who want to create a visceral experience for their viewers.
3. People who want access to a library of sound effects.
4. People who want to learn about sound design.