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Introducing ccKINETIC 2.0 TITLES motion graphics, an innovative collection of universal and multipurpose titles. Improve your typography sequences with this must-have title pack. Featuring an array of captivating styles, ccKINETIC 2.0 TITLES will take your projects to the next level.


What’s in this version of the pack?

- 10 Animated Landscape Title Composition

- 10 Animated Portrait Title Composition

- 10 Animated 4/5 Title Composition

- 10 Animated Titles

Additional Information for Final Cut Pro:

- Minimum requirement: Final Cut Pro X Ver 10.6.5 - No trial

- Compatible with Apple M1

- File Size: 188,6 MB

Additional Information for Premiere Pro:

- Minimum requirement: Premiere Pro Ver 23.1

- File Size: 54,5 MB

Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro

Commercial Rate

Commercial Rate


cc kinetic 2.0