Have You Considered Creating MOGRT Packages For Your Brand? 🤔

Have you ever considered creating MOGRT packages or a motion graphics pack for your brand? 🤔

We have been asked to build out highly robust MOGRT for Premiere Pro and Apple Motion templates for Final cut pro or and Davinci Resolve motion brand packs that could be utilised by both experienced internal staff and communications teams, as well as creators and those with possibly more entry-level skills.

Creating these highly functional motion design packs allows you to keep consistency and strong brand presence across all of your content and a variety of aspect ratios to suit the media placement...also saves 💰 in the long run!

MOGRT packages or a motion graphics pack for your brand


To remain relevant in today's ever-evolving market, modern brands must adopt a proficient motion brand identity system. This is particularly crucial as businesses increasingly rely on digital platforms and screens to drive their marketing endeavors.

While the approach to motion branding may differ from brand to brand, there are specific steps you can take to ensure a significant return on investment. Before we delve into the intricacies, let's take a moment to grasp its definition.


A motion brand identity breathes life into your brand identity, bringing it into dynamic existence. It can be created from the ground up or evolved from your established visual identities, encompassing elements such as logos, brand color schemes, imagery, and typography that are regularly utilized.

By evolving your brand identity from static to dynamic, you inject energy into your brand, augmenting its presence on digital platforms.

This transformation can manifest in diverse forms, with one of the most common examples being animated logos, seamlessly integrated into websites or incorporated within video content.


Start by establishing a cohesive brand identity that maintains consistency across all channels. Failing to do so could mean investing resources into animating elements that don't authentically represent your brand image, which can ultimately be counterproductive.

This initial step encompasses more than just choosing a color palette and designing a logo. Your branding should possess enduring qualities, capable of evolving alongside your brand over time.

Consistency is key in your branding efforts to ensure recognition among your target audience. This consistency should extend beyond mere visual elements to encompass your brand message, a pivotal component of your overall branding strategy.

Key components of a robust brand identity include:

  1. Distinctive Visual Identity: Memorable brands often have visually striking elements such as logos, color schemes, and typography that set them apart from competitors. These visual cues help consumers easily recognize and recall the brand when encountered across various channels.

  2. Consistent Branding: Consistency in branding across different touchpoints reinforces brand recognition and memorability. When a brand maintains uniformity in its messaging, imagery, and overall identity, it creates a cohesive brand experience for consumers, making it easier for them to remember and identify the brand.

  3. Emotional Connection: Brands that evoke positive emotions and resonate with their target audience on a deeper level tend to be more memorable. Whether through storytelling, brand values, or shared experiences, brands that forge emotional connections with consumers create lasting impressions that contribute to their memorability.


With a clear understanding of your brand image, it’s time to animate it.

This step might seem daunting as most people are accustomed to static elements in brand identity creation. Collaborating with a creative agency can be beneficial here.

We start by looking at how your logo animation should move. The speed, direction, and transitions of your animated logo will communicate something about your brand. These elements will influence all aspects of your motion brand identity – such as lower thirds, title cards, animated infographics, type animation style, etc.

Developing an effective motion brand identity system is crucial for any business or brand planning to engage in digital marketing. Whether you’re creating explainer videos for your website, short social media content, or digital billboards, a brand needs the consistency that only motion branding can provide.


If you are considering a motion brand identity package, we’d love to hear from you.

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