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YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok & more

f you run a successful YouTube channel, instagram, Pinterest profile or TikTok account in the content creation, graphic, web design or videography business, we’d be more than keen to see you join the team and earn money with us.


Do you have a blog or website that speaks to our customers?

If you happen to be the owner of a blog, publication, or website, the CCreation Affiliate program is a great way to monetise your audience.


Got an audience but not referring?

Newbies are welcome too. Whether you’re speaking to a new creators, there’s room for all. CCreation gives everyone the ability to create professional looking content, channel openers, promo videos, Instagram posts and more!

3 steps to earn money

Follow these easy steps and start receiving a real income by doing your thing with our products.

Register as an affiliate

Head to our Affiliate Programme and search for CCreation Community campaign (28129).

Promote our products

Present our products in your creative content on any platform.

Start earning

Earn 20% commission on any purchase you make happen.

Join the team and benefit from 30 day cookies, a high average value order of over £20, a growing inventory with exclusive promotions and flexibility in activity, a strong conversion rate and retention and regular commission payments.

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